M.A.Gr8.A. 🇺🇸


Did you know ???

-America is just one H.O.A. after another.

-10% of registered voters recall elected officials.

-10% of registered voters can create & reject bills.

-The average U.S. city #QUORUM is 600 people.

-34 States may control Capital Hill via Unified Citizen Referendum.


We the People = 10%

The answer to balance out American politics is right under our nose.  Upon diving into the rules of #WestMarsBeach Florida I found American territories are set up like condo and homeowner associations but way better.  Each city has their declaration of condominium equivalent known as a charter.  In layman’s terms every City, County, State has a CHARTER that acts as that territories RULE BOOK / instruction manual 📕 📖 📘

Within CITY CHARTER rule books we usually find 5-10% of a territories registered voters have POWER.  Almost every American territory can recall an elected official with this critical mass of voters.  50% of the U.S. can make and break charter rules with the #WE10 mechanism too 🛠️

HYPOTHESIS:  Americans have no clue what #WE10 is, or what #WE10 means but once they do ACCOUNTABILITY will snap in place between the public and private sector.

West Palm Beach12,000 signatures
Palm Beach Island1,000 signatures
Palm Beach  County100,000 signatures
Florida900,000 signatures
New York State2,500,000 signatures
New York City280,000 signatures
San Fran42,000 signatures
Portland48,000 signatures
North Dakota 10,000 signatures
South Dakota 12.000 signatures

💫 WE10 = #Gr8rUSa 🇺🇸